Hi there, my name is Kaleb Lechowski. I create and animate creatures of different kinds, so check my pictures and videos.





"I like your film!"

- Thanks a lot! :) I´m sorry I can´t always write it, since my tumblr page would load up with it.

"What software did you use?"

- I used Maya for rigging, shading, lighting, animation, rendering (Mental Ray) and some modeling. But most of the modeling work was done in Blender, which I consider a great and fast tool for that. Sculpting was done in zBrush, as well as a lot of painting. Compositing in Nuke and After Effects.

"How long did it take to create this?"

- It took an intense seven months: Two months on story before I even started production; two months alien character (especially rigging); maybe two and a half months for animation; And a lot of other stuff all the time.

"What are your rendertimes?"

- I kept it down to an average of maybe 4-6 minutes per frame. Every shot was rendered on a different computer, mostly overnight. Due to renderpass issues I had to re-render almost everything.

"What was the hardest thing to be done?"

- It was just the size of it. There are no problems more significant than others I think. I just had a ton of them during the project.

"You should do a kickstarter!"

- At the moment I am working on the story for R´ha the feature film, so definately stay tuned! I will pitch it in L.A. by the start of February.

"Do you have some advice on how you created that?"

- (If at all I can answer that shortly) I recommend you think about what is important and focus. E.g. the heads of C180-RG (machine) and Aekon (alien) had about as much geometry as the rest of the bodies. I didn´t switch the location too much, as well. You need to practise a lot, like 8h a day I think. And you need to find your niche, what is the thing you´re good at? Show that and work on your weak spots. (…..still thinking about this answer…..)

"This is fake, you didn´t do this on your own"

- (It´s a nice compliment actually :) ) I really worked hard on this, about 10 hours a day (not counting breaks) almost every single day. There were times when I slept in the university every two days. Besides that I learned to work fast. I did it on my own. - Thanks to David Masterson for voice acting and Hartmut Zeller for Sound -

"Was everything hand animated?"

- Yes, even the tower destructions (not the smoke) and the camera.

"When did you start animation?"

- At the age of 12, I think, a friend, my brother and I started creating a computer game. So this was the first time I tried modeling (low poly), animating (vertex animation, later very simple bones animation with no constraints and no skin weights), environment design (cities for example), lighting, and generally designing characters and vehicles. Then I moved to Blender, maybe two years later. I did the same stuff mostly. The first big project besides modeling a cathedrale for a few weeks, was the creation of my Audi Concept Car (check kaleblechowski.deviantart.com). I redesigned it a lot, since I wasn´t good at the beginning, neither at designing nor at modeling. After three years I finished it. Then I had a break for civil service (one year) and, as I waited to apply for my studies (Product Design), I created the Hydralisk Head, which you can find here on tumblr. They would not let me study product design and suggested I should try something about film, so I moved to Berlin to study animation. In the second semester we started our first 3D movie projects (solo projects) which in my case was R´ha.

"How did you do the city?"

- I modeled a bunch of buildings, maybe 50, and copied them a lot and changing them. I added variation through some bigger buildings like factories and all the towers, as well as debris on the ground, the cliff, the bridges and the Circle “street”. It was modeled and rendered in Blender. In the far back I used a particle instance effect to create 40,000 buildings (4 different versions) at random size and rotation. A lot of the effects is due to the fog and smoke I added in compositing.

"I want do do film/animation myself. Where can I start?"

- I think you should just start. Film something, draw something, animate, write a story. For me it helped a lot to go and study, because they give you tasks and a lot of resources like the programs. The important thing is to start moving, you can adjust your way as you go, but don´t wait :)

"Will you do a behind the scenes/making of?"

- I´m sorry, that is just too much work. You can check my tumblr for some work in progress though.

"Where do you study?"

- Mediadesign Hochschule in Berlin, Germany.

"What was the budget for this?"

- I had no budget but I was given the programs and computers to do this by the university.

For futher questions contact me.